Holiday at the North Sea

If you want to make holiday by the North Sea, you can rent a holiday home and enjoy the beautiful nature on the West Coast.

On the middle of the Danish West Coast in the area around Vedersø Klit are some of the most beautiful holiday homes in Denmark. Here we have fresh air, beautiful nature and peace and quiet. Keep on reading to get some inspiration for what you can do on your holiday by the North Sea.

Beach life

When you make holiday by the North Sea, the long wide sandy beaches are hard not mention, as they are the natural main attraction for the area.

The beach at Vedersø Klit is known as one of the best in Denmark and has for several years had the blue flag, which is your guarantee for a clean beach and clean bathing water. The beach has been made accessible for the disabled, and a ramp has been built over the dunes, so that there is also access for wheelchairs.

You can also go a little further north and visit Spidsbjerg beach, which also has the blue flag. Here there is only access to the beach via sandy paths. Approx. 1 kilometer from the beach is Spidsbjerg forest playground, where you can let the children play or take a packed lunch and enjoy it in the lunch house on the play ground.

In the area from Vedersø Klit to Fjand you will find kilometer after kilometer of sandy beaches, all of which with their soft sand and few stones invite to both play, swimming and relaxation. In our area, there is room for everyone, whether you like games, kite flying and building sand castles or sunbathing and relaxing and long walks by the water.

The North Sea changes all the time, and is therefore a playground for both beginners and more experienced when it comes to water sports. Try for example taking your surfboard with you and see if you can balance around in the waves. However, always be careful and attentive when going out to sea, as it can be capricious.

If you are more of a land crab instead, the beach of course also offers many activities for you. If you are the active type, it could be a game of beach volleyball or beach tennis. Maybe you brought a frisbee or football with you, with which you can spend hours playing at the stand.

Another fun activity can be hunting for shells, rocks and other treasures along the water's edge, where exciting things always wash up. If you are lucky, you may also find amber, which also often washes up along with seaweed and rocks. It can be difficult to distinguish amber from the other stones, as it can be both white and brown, but you can always try to bite into it. If it is soft, or at least softer than a stone, then it is probably amber you have got hold of.

If you want to be absolutely sure of finding amber, you can go on an amber safari, where there is always a guarantee of finding amber. It is a guided tour where you learn where, when and how to find amber.

Holiday homes by the North Sea

All our holiday homes are close to the water, either next to Nissum Fjord or to the North Sea. Most are modern and well equipped, so they contain everything you need for a holiday home. The holiday home areas are characterized by the beautiful and unspoilt nature that is characteristic of our area. The beautiful landscape is the perfect setting for a relaxing holiday.

Holidays by the North Sea are full of freedom, fresh air and plenty of space, no matter what time of year you choose to visit us.

Take the bike on holiday by the North Sea

The west coast of Denmark offers beautiful nature, so why not enjoy the nature by bike. In recent years, many cycle paths have been made in the area, and today you can take the bike and enjoy a nice ride along the fjord from the holiday homes in Vedersø Klit to the sea mark at Houvig and Kaj Munks Præstegård in Vedersø, along the way you will pass several small resting areas and viewpoints from where you have a beautiful view of Vest Stadil Fjord.

Tthe holiday home area Vester Husby lies in Husby Klitplantage. Planting of the plantation began in 1858 as part of the damping of the sand escape. The plantation is today 11 km2 and offers very varied nature. In the forest there are several marked hiking trails as well as riding trails and viewpoints. From the viewpoint Marens Maw you can look out over the forest, Nissum Fjord and the North Sea.

It is possible to cycle on marked routes through the forest from the holiday homes in Vester Husby in the south to the holiday homes in Sdr. Fjand in the northern part of Husby Klitplantage.

A little southeast of the holiday homes in Vedersø Klit is Vedersø Ridecenter, where you can join a riding trip to the North Sea. Vedersø Ridecenter only offers riding on Icelandic Horses - the Gods' own Horse - with 5 gaits. A horseback ride is always a nice experience when you make holiday by the North Sea, and it is also possible to take children over 9 years on the trips. You can read more about Vedersø Ridecenter in our article about them, or on their own website.

Discover the small farm shops when you are on holiday by the North Sea

Just outside Staby, you will find Staby Ice Cream, which makes organic ice cream. Here you can buy real homemade ice cream made from milk from organic cows on grass. The ice cream is sold both as ice lollies and in buckets. So if you feel like an ice cream on your holiday, do not deceive yourself of this experience.

A little north of the holiday homes in Søndervig is Vestkystens Gårdbutik, where you can buy meat from the beef cattle you often see grazing on the fields along the West Coast. You can also buy North Sea cheese, honey from local beekeepers, chocolates and handicrafts among many other things. Here you are guaranteed to find inspiration for exciting cooking on your holiday.

You can also take a tour of the area and find specialties to make your own West Jutland tapas table. We suggest stopping by Nørgaard Fish in Thorsminde. Whether it is a piece of cold-smoked salmon, a piece of fresh and freshly caught cod or maybe of the homemade salads , you will find that and much more in the counter at Nørgaard Fisk, at the harbor in Thorsminde.

After that you can make a visit to Vedersø Vildt in Ulfborg. Here they sell locally shot game, which they buy from local hunters. Especially the fresh meat is very popular, but for the tapas table, the smoked venison fillet and venison sausage are especially perfect.

No tapas table without cheese! That is why we will also mention Vestkystens Gaardbutik. They have all kinds of specialties from West Jutland, but they also sell the North Sea cheese, that is stored on the edge of the North Sea, right next to Bovbjerg Lighthouse.

If you have the opportunity to start your holiday by the North Sea within the next 3 weeks, remember to keep an eye on the Last Minute page - here you can always find good offers with up to 25% discount on holiday homes.

We wish you a good holiday by the North Sea.

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