When you go on holiday in our holiday home areas by the North Sea, the nearest playground is right outside your door - namely the beautiful nature in West Jutland, which invites to a wealth of experiences for both young and old. The area contains a wonderful combination of the North Sea to the west and Nissum Fjord and West Stadil Fjord to the east. Husby Klitplantage is located at a close distance from all our houses, where there is a dog forest, bike-, riding- and walking paths, viewpoints and a swimming lake. In short, there is something for everyone. 

Husby Klitplantage changes its character as you move around in there. The plantation contains both large spruces but also Denmark's westernmost beech grove. If you go even further west, you will find yourself with your feet in the mighty North Sea. The plantation is a wonderful place to stay, and has, among other things, four marked hiking trails that offer trips from 1.5 km to 6 km. Parts of the plantation are also handicap accessible, with a specially designed walking route for wheelchair users.

In the plantation it is allowed to cycle on all major roads, and in the southern part of the plantation there is a cycle route that, among other things, takes you past Nøgenbjerg - a beautiful viewpoint where you from the top have a view of the entire plantation. The 560 km long West Coast Trail also goes through the plantation. The West Coast Trail is also part of the world's longest cycle route - the 6000 km long North Sea Cycle Route that runs through eight countries - should you want to do the whole length.

In the western part of the plantation is the bathing lake Skavemosen, which is ideal for swimming for children. The bathing lake is relatively shallow and has a laid out ramp, so it is also possible for wheelchair users to use the lake. Around the lake you will find several tables with benches and a barbecue, which makes it ideal as an excursion destination in the summer.

When we talk about nature and Klitplantagen, we must of course not forget the beach and the dunes, which lies as an extension of the plantation. There is something special about walking on the almost endless beach, with the rushing sea on one side and the high sand dunes on the other. In the summer you will meet the many happy holidaymakers on the beach who use the soft sandy beach to enjoy the sun, while in the autumn and winter you will meet a somewhat different landscape. Here the western wind often takes over and you will instead encounter frothy wave peaks and strong gusts of wind. However, all seasons always provide great experiences at the beach. Also, always remember to have your eyes with you when you are on the beach - you may be lucky to find some of the sea gold, amber.

In addition to the surrounding nature, there are of course many other activities for the whole family. Read more in the articles below.

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