The nature that is found in the area around Vedersø and Husby with its flat areas, Husby Klitplantage, the dunes and not least the North Sea, means a lot to both the area's residents and the many tourists who come here every year. Nature is often experienced on foot or on a bike.

But how about getting the nature experiences from the back of an Icelandic horse? Per Mølgaard and Helle Rask from Vedersø Ridecenter believe that the close contact with nature you get on a horseback ride is something very special.

Horseback riding for everyone

Every year, Vedersø Ridecenter welcomes many guests who all want to take part in one of the many tours on offer. As a guest at the center, you must actively participate in getting "your" horse ready for the ride. The horse must be picked from the field and you will be assigned a place in the courtyard where you stand and get the horse ready. It must be groomed and have its hooves cleaned. Helle is aware of whether you need help and finds that many inexperienced riders may find it overwhelming to clean their horses' hooves. But with knowledgeable guidance, it always works. Once the horses have been saddled, all beginners and new guests must take a ride in the riding arena. Riding skills are measured and weighed by Helle's experienced eyes. Beginners are given a brief instruction on how to sit on and ride a horse.

It is very important that people go on the trip that matches their skills. It must be a good experience for both horse and rider; therefore, there are many different tours to choose from. The collaboration between horse and rider has always been in focus at Vedersø Ridecenter.

The shorter trips that go along country roads in areas with a rich animal and bird life, are approx. one hour and is constantly adapted to the skills of the riders. Helle is very often found in the front of the group of riders and is also aware of whether a group of riders are ready for a little more challenges, e.g. a short gallop. The most experienced riders can join the 13 km long ride, where 3.5 km takes place on the beach along the North Sea coast. The trip lasts approx. 1½ hour.

During the summer season, Vedersø Ridecenter has once a week (Thursday) the "long beach trip", which lasts 2½ hours and which also goes through Husby Klitplantage.

Many helping hands at Vedersø Ridecenter

It means a lot to Per and Helle that everyone feel welcome with them and quite often they meet people who are just as passionate about life with horses as they are. Throughout the summer, Vedersø Ridecenter is transformed into a form of commune. Every year a bunch of helpers move in, to help with the horses and also lead several of the rides with guests. The helpers are typically young German women who have visited Vedersø Ridecenter as kids in the summer, when the holiday has gone to West Jutland. Now they are adults and have become so experienced riders that they can take responsibility for the rides and act independently in the work with the horses. It is important for Helle and Per that their helpers can help keep the high quality in customer contact and help give each individual rider the best possible experience.

About the Riding Center

Helle is happy to tell about the many experiences they have had over the years with their guests at Vedersø Ridecenter. She tells of a guest who overheard Helle talking about a saddle she was trying to fix, but which teased her a little. It turned out that the guest was a saddler and before Helle had looked around he had reupholstered the saddle. He asked Helle to take the horse that was to go with the saddle in from the field and then he adjusted the saddle so that it sat exactly as it should.

On the field….

20 Icelandic horses and 3 Shetland ponies graze. They are ready to be taken in and made ready for the many trips out into nature with happy and expectant tourists on their backs. All the horses have a good temperament and are used to meeting many different people. Together with Helle and Per, they are ready to provide a great nature experience.

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