If you are one of those who appreciate sustainable production, optimal utilization of resources and otherwise an unsurpassed quality, then you have to make your way past Vesthavnen in Thorsminde.

Here you will find Nørgaard Fish and Smokehouse, which is the only remaining fish shop in the town.

The place is run by Roald, who himself buys all the fish for the shop at the local auctions in Thyborøn and Thorsminde, respectively, and he goes every single day, so the quality is top notch.

The fish are caught along the west coast of Jutland and all cuttings that are not used in the shop are used to feed the mink. There is thus no waste, and it is a bit fascinating when you consider that Roald on a busy day can hand-cut up to 100 kg. In addition to the obvious fact that the raw materials are fresh and the transport is minimal, it is possible to purchase the relevant quantities so that no over-consumption of packaging etc. is made. That makes sense.

Seasonal selection

In the refrigerated display case, there is always a delicious selection of seasonal fish. Here are various salads, homemade remoulade, a danish speciality, fish burgers, pan-fried fish cakes, etc. You can also get rye bread or french fries, and all the glory can be enjoyed on the small terrace, from which you have a view of the authentic life in the harbour.

Here you can also buy beer from Hvide Sande Bryghus, so that the lunch is rounded off perfectly. The shop also has an exclusive selection of spices, especially suitable for fish, from Vestjyske Delikatesser.

Freshly smoked every day

During the summer, the smoke oven is working every single day. Roald himself is responsible for all processing, both when it comes to peeling, filleting and smoking the fish. "It gives me satisfaction that I can 100% guarantee the quality of what we sell," he says.

Although the oven is state of the art and automated, Roald is never far away when the smoking process is underway. It is a craft, and even though programs have been made for the oven to ensure a uniform result every time, close supervision is needed. That's what Roald thinks is fun, and it's one of the things he's best at.

He has therefore outsourced customer service to Henriette and Bente, as well as a group of young girls who primarily help after school, on weekends and holidays. They are much better at it and then he can focus on what he is passionate about. It's pure win-win.

Tapas - order just one day in advance

Henriette, who is trained in making the Danish open sandwich, says enthusiastically that the women have very free reins in the shop. They just have to say what they want in the counter, and Roald makes sure it comes. That influence gives job satisfaction, and it is clearly felt. The smiles are big and the laughter can be heard from a good distance.

One of Henriette and Bente's inputs is the tapas plate, for which they receive much praise. Are you looking for easy food one day, the tapas plate is  definitely worth a try. The plate contains plenty for two people, and the content can vary from time to time, because it all depends on the season. The smoked self-peel prawns are always a hit for the wonderful summer evenings on the terrace, and the delicious home-stirred salads, for example with crayfish or salmon, are also always in high demand. If you book it a day in advance, the girls have had plenty of time to make something delicious ready for you. It is also a good way to try a little different, and then you are always more than welcome to come back for more supplies.

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