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All our holiday homes are located close to the North Sea in beautiful nature. Whether the holiday is to be held in a small cozy holiday home or in a luxury holiday home with whirlpool and sauna, you will find the holiday home with us.

Klitferie - Holiday homes by the North Sea

Klitferie - when the holiday is to be more than a lovely holiday home by the North Sea

Klitferie started its business in the late 80’s – and we now have more than 30 years of experience with renting out holiday homes, but we are still learning all the time. It is important to us that we are updated on how the area is changing, the needs of our guests and the latest trends, so that we can always help our guests in the best possible way.

Klitferie has changed a lot through the years. In the beginning, it was Anna Grethe and Johannes who rented out a few holiday homes, while also working in their two small grocery stores. Since then, the two stores have been sold, their two sons, Henrik and Søren, has joined the family company and we are now renting out 250 holiday homes by the North Sea.

What is most important to us, is to give our guests the best conditions to have a lovely holiday – and to us, a lovely holiday is more than just the holiday home. Therefore, we also run our office as a visitor center, where you always are welcome if you need advice or inspiration for attractions, activities, or day trips. We love to help our guests.

Holiday homes by the North Sea - Guarantee for good experiences

When you rent a holiday home by the North Sea by Klitferie, we guarantee you that you will find exciting experiences, no matter what time of the year you visit us. In the summer, the area around Vedersø Klit is full of happy holiday guests and the area is buzzing of activity. Our guests enjoy a trip to the long white sand beaches, where they build sandcastles, fly with kites, or just take a nap in the warm sand. For the families with kids, it is always exciting to see what treasures the beach has to offer. It is always exciting to see what the beach has to offer, whether it is seashells, beautiful stones or even amber. Small things to take home, to remind you of a lovely time by the North Sea.

In the wintertime, the North Sea shows its more tough side, and you really get to feel the force of the nature when you go to the dunes and feel the wind in your hair and face. A walk on the beach at this time of the year, gives a special color to the cheeks. After a walk in the dunes and on the beach, there is no better feeling than to sit in front of the fireplace in the holiday home and feel the heat come back to you. 

For those interested in history, a holiday home by the North Sea is also a good choice for the holiday. Along the entire west coast of Denmark you can still see the bunkers that the Germans left behind after World War II. The bunkers were once built up in the dunes, but over time they have all been moved down to the beach. They give a special insight into the history of Denmark, and are definitely worth a look at your holiday.

More than just beach and sand

If you rent a holiday home by the North Sea, you will find that the area has much more to offer than just long sandy beaches and beautiful dunes. In the middle of our area you will find Husby Klitplantage, that offers a variety of hiking trails, biking routes, beautiful viewpoints and a clean lake that is ideal for bathing. A part of the forest has also been fenced, so you can let your dog run free, if you choose to bring it along. The plantation is a wonderful place to stay, and has, among other things, four marked hiking trails that offer trips from 1.5 km to 6 km. Parts of the plantation are also handicap accessible, with a specially designed walking route for wheelchair users.

Every year we also do a magazine where we gather attractions from all of Western Jutland, so it is easy for you to find inspiration for the activities you want to do in your holidays. In the magazine this year you can find information about the museum Hjerl Hede, that shows life in Denmark as it was a 100 years ago. Or you can read about the Seaside Safaris that will take you through the nature to find amber, food or even out on the sea to see seals. The magazine is available in Danish and German. 

More than just holiday homes by the North Sea

When you rent a holiday home at Klitferie, we see it as our most important task to create the framework for you to have a good holiday. We are proud to give you personal service and go to lengths to not use our key-box where you pick up the key yourself. We love to hand you the key to the home personally, give you a little information about the area and wish you a good holiday.

Our phone is also always open if you need help. And if you are in urgent need of help, be sure to know that you will always be answered by a person and not a voice mail.

Via news and infomails, we try to give our holiday guests the best possible information about the area in which they are or are to holiday.

At Klitferie we wish to give our guests a lovely holiday in our holiday homes in some of Denmarks most beautiful and unspoiled nature. 

We look forward to welcome you in one of our holiday homes by the North Sea.

Yours sincerely,
The Olesen family
Klitferie I/S