Holiday Homes in Vedersø Klit - Close to the North Sea

If you are looking for a holiday home within walking distance of the North Sea, then Vedersø Klit is the place to look. Vedersø Klit is an old holiday home area that was used by the Danish upper class in the 1930s. The houses on Vedersø Klit are all built of stone and with thatched roofs, and you will therefore live in a beautiful and homogeneous area, where the houses do not destroy nature and the dune landscape. The plots on Vedersø Klit are about 2000 m2, and you therefore still have good privacy when you rent a house here. You will also not find a house on Vedersø Klit that is much further than 900 meters from the North Sea, and you are therefore always close to the beach.

Take a look at our holiday homes on Vedersø Klit below.

Holiday Homes at Vedersø Klit

A holiday home in Vedersø Klit is the perfect setting for a quiet holiday by the North Sea, where you can get a break from everyday life and slow down completely. Vedersø Klit offers you pure nature and lots of peace right by the North Sea.

If you go on holiday in Vedersø Klit, many wonderful experiences await you. The beach and the North Sea are and will of course be the biggest attraction in the area, and are great to experience both summer and winter. In summer you can enjoy beautiful sunsets over a calm North Sea, while in autumn and winter you can experience the enormous force of nature that the sea also is when the storm rages and the waves reach the top of the dunes.

Close to Vedersø Klit you will also find the nature reserve Vest Stadil Fjord, which every year is a resting place for many thousands of geese on their way to the breeding areas further north. In the spring and autumn, flocks of over 10,000 wild geese can often be seen resting on the meadows between Vest Stadil Fjord and the North Sea.