About Klitferie

Klitferie has been renting out quality holiday homes on the North Sea since 1986.

Today the whole family is involved:
The founders Anna Grethe and Johannes and the sons Henrik and Søren.

Their credo: They want to offer their guests a wonderful holiday. In one of the most beautiful holiday home areas on the North Sea. When they return home with wonderful memories after an all-round successful holiday, that is their greatest joy.

The Klitferie team selects the most beautiful holiday homes and always has the best tips and ideas for varied activities and wonderful holiday experiences for their guests.

Vedersø Klit, this varied, natural, quiet holiday area is located in West Jutland, just north of Ringkøbing Fjord.

The whole Olesen family looks forward to welcoming you

Henrik Olesen: We believe that this is one of the most beautiful spots, if not THE most beautiful at the North Sea.

All the houses Klitferie offers in the area from Søndervig in the south to Fjand in the north are privately owned. Half of the holiday homes are in Vedersø Klit and Vester Husby, while the rest are in Søndervig, Nørhede West, Nørhede East and Fjand.

The Klitferie office is centrally located in the middle of Vedersø Klit - the place with the beautiful star-shaped landmark.

Henrik Olesen

Henrik Olesen

Søren Olesen

Søren Olesen

Søren Olesen: At the moment we rent out around 250 holiday homes. There are luxury houses, pool houses, cute little retro houses and especially child-friendly houses.

What exactly is your favourite house?

Klitferie has over 30 years of experience in renting out holiday homes.

Anna Grethe Olesen: When we started in 1986, we only had 20 houses on offer.

At that time, I could still do everything myself: from booking to supervision and cleaning.

Of course, things are different today and we are happy to have such an excellent team.

Everyone at reception, in administration, the technicians and the cleaning team is looking forward to meeting you.

Anna Grethe Olesen - Founder

Anna Grethe Olesen - Founder

Johannes Olesen - Founder

Johannes Olesen - Founder

Johannes Olesen: Yes, the development has been overwhelming.

Today we have 250 holiday homes on offer and employ 9 full-time staff.

Our work with the guests gives us new experiences every day.

We always look forward to seeing what the new day brings and we are still burning to give our guests the absolute best holiday.

Your unique advantages with Klitferie

Really good service - what does that actually mean?
This is what awaits you when booking a holiday home with Klitferie:

Clean holiday homes
We have one of the best ratings for cleanliness in Denmark.

Fresh flowers
There are always fresh flowers in the house on your arrival.

Personal service
All staff are local and will give you the best tips for a fantastic holiday experience.

Telephone service
Our telephone is manned 24 hours a day. In case of an emergency, you can speak to us directly and not just listen to an answering machine.

Insider knowledge
We know the area and every single one of our holiday homes. So we can give you comprehensive advice.

Vedersø Klit Landmark

Vedersø Klit Landmark

Come and join us at the North Sea. We look forward to seeing you.

Johannes says, "To become the biggest? That is not our goal at all.
We would rather be the best. And that's for us always being there personally for our guests."