If you want to spend your vacation in a holiday home with your dog, a holiday home by the North Sea is an obvious choice. A holiday home by the North Sea offers plenty of space for the whole family, including the dog. Here you can enjoy a good walk along the beach with your dog or take it for a walk in Husby Klitplantage or the dog forest which is also not far from the holiday homes.

Holiday with your dog

You want to spend the vacation in a holiday home, but what about the dog? You take it with you of course! If you rent a holiday home by the North Sea, your dog is of course also welcome. In most of our holiday homes it is allowed to bring your dog, and many of our guests take advantage of this opportunity. Also in our newest houses, the dog is welcome, so you do not have to compromise on the quality of the house if you want to bring the dog on your holiday by the North Sea.

The holiday homes in Vedersø Klit and Vester Husby are all located on large plots. In Vedersø Klit the plots are at least 2000 m2 while those in Vester Husby are at least 5000 m2. This means plenty of space for you and your dog. If your dog is not fond of fireworks, then a holiday home in these areas for the New Year is also an obvious choice. In Vedersø Klit and Vester Husby, it is forbidden to light fireworks due to the danger of fire with the thatched roofs of the houses.

The west coast - a paradise for dogs

The North Sea is truly unique. No two days are alike, as the sky and sea are constantly changing. Here the soul gets peace, and it just does something good for the mood - also the dog's.

The quiet autumn days with high blue skies and seagull cries can be something very special, but a winter storm almost always carries some kind of wreckage with it, and then there is an extra activity for those who love to retrieve. There is therefore always something to investigate - regardless of the season.

Blue waves, white sandy beaches, high blue sky - can you see it for yourself?

Then imagine, moreover, your four-legged friend, wagging the tail, while running with a piece of driftwood in his mouth, the sand splashing around his ears and the joy shining out over his eyes. It does not get much better - and the nice thing is that the scenario can be easily realized.

In the period October-March, dogs are allowed to run free on the long car-free sandy beaches along Jutland's west coast. The only requirement is that you can call your friend to you so that no conflicts arise if others have also taken the trip to the sea.

Dogs are of course allowed in most of the houses at Klitferie, as they are part of the family and should therefore be included in the holiday.

The area is nothing short of ideal for a holiday with the dog.

Dog forests for all tastes

If a day is a little too harsh by the sea, or you want to try something else, you can make your way past one of the area's dog forests.

Many people are happy with the dog forest a little north of Husby, but the one you find at Ringvejen in Ulfborg is also nice.

Hundeskoven in Femhøjsande Plantage is located about four kilometers from Ringkøbing's center. The entire area of ​​20 hectares belongs to the Danish Nature Agency. The forest is so big that there is room for everyone. It is one of the few dog forests where one can actually walk for several hours without getting to see it all. At the western end of the plantation there is a campsite with tables, benches, a barbecue and rubbish bins. Here are many wide paths with a solid surface, which are also suitable for prams and wheelchair users. However, some of the trails are also for mountain bikers, so show consideration.

At the entrance there are also laminated cards for loan for orientation runners.

However, be aware that the area is only partially fenced.

Remember the dog sign

In Denmark, dogs must be wearing dog tags with current contact information, in case you should be so unlucky as to be separated. If the dog loses its dog tag during the holiday, you have the opportunity to have a new one engraved, which you can bring home straight away, at JK Jagt og Fiskeri in Ringkøbing.

In case of illness, we recommend consulting Dyrlæge Center Vest, which has a large clinic on Herningvej in Ringkøbing. Both professionalism and service level are always top notch, and in addition, one of the owners, Hilde Reed, is half German, and therefore speaks the language fluently, just like the receptionist, Michaela.

Eating out with your best friend?

The dog is not on holiday to sit alone at home in the holiday home (it can not be, by the way). Therefore, Beach Bowl in Søndervig has arranged an area outside the restaurant, but still indoors, where you can eat your food, which you have ordered in the restaurant. This gives you the opportunity to take your best friend out to eat, even though there are no specified menu cards for four-legged friends.

The very best snack

If, on the other hand, you make your way past Vestkystens Gårdbutik on Houvig Klitvej, to supply you with some of their many delicious delicacies, you can ask to have a free beef bone to take home to your best friend.

Dorthe and Jens, the owners of the shop, are dog lovers - and moreover, they live by the motto of conscious consumption, so nothing should be wasted from the local organic creatures that have had a good life on the large meadows.

It is a snack that is otherwise difficult to find in the shops, and free of charge to take home.


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