Along the North Sea there is plenty of opportunity for fishing as we have both sea, fjord and lakes close by. It is just up to you to find out what fishing you would like to do.

You can try your luck with fishing directly from the beach or from a pier, e.g. in Thorsminde. Beach fishing is an activity for the whole family as well as the experienced angler, and you have the opportunity to catch mackerel, garfish, cod and sea trout.

Twice a year the herrings come in and gather at the lock in Thorsminde. And it makes many anglers gather on the piers. The herrings come in spring (late March to June) and autumn (September-November), and you should be more than normal unlucky if you do not get a fish or two.

However, it is not only herring that can be caught on the hook in Thorsminde. Garfish and mackerel also head towards the locks. You have the greatest opportunity to catch the garfish inside the locks, just like the herring, while there is a better chance of getting a mackerel home if you stand on one of the two piers on either side of the entrance from the sea.

If you go to Hvide Sande, you also have the opportunity to go with a fishing boat, and try your luck on the open water. Here they make fishing trips of different durations - everything from 3-hour trips from the coast to up to 20-hour trips where you get the opportunity to fish in areas with wrecks.

Finally, of course, there are also the many different Put & Take lakes in the area. Here you have the opportunity to bring your own food and make a picnic out of it, and take a quiet day in scenic surroundings. Of Put & Take lakes in the area we can mention Vibholm Ørredsø, Loch Nees Put & Take and one of Denmark's largest Put & Take areas, Oxriver near Ringkøbing.

Remember, however, that you must have a fishing license to fish in Denmark, except in the Put & Take lakes. The licenses must be bought online at

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