Beach Bowl

Beach Bowl in Søndervig is worth a visit when you as a tourist visit this part of the west coast. For the active tourist and for the family with children, there are many hours to spend in the large center.

Beach Bowl is much more than a bowling alley. Here is the opportunity for play, both outdoors and indoors. All in an atmosphere that indicates that there is room for families with children. The center includes a very child-friendly restaurant where a good meal can be enjoyed. In general families with children - or grandparents with grandchildren - are at the forefront of the Beach Bowl. Here, children's activities are in a safe environment and the opportunity for parents to sit back and relax while the children play.

Down to earth

One of the most important things for Beach Bowl and Bjarne Øgendahl is that there is room families with children. There must be room for play and the fuss it can give. Every effort is made to ensure that the atmosphere is down to earth and that the play takes place in a safe environment. Families need to be able to relax and enjoy a day at the center.

A good day in the center, includes a good meal. In the restaurant, it is possible to have a good hearty meal - everything from pizza and fish dishes, to tapas and juicy steaks are on the menu. 

Bjarne Øgendahl says that he is looking forward to expanding the beer selection with specialty beers, so that there is something for everyone. He is also excited to be able to give parents the opportunity, in peace, to enjoy a cool beer and a meal of food, while the children, when they have finished eating, can whiz out into the playground. The family can take their food with them to the café area by the playground - then the parents can relax while the children play.

Segways provide nature experiences

In addition to the countless play opportunities, both indoors and outdoors, Bjarne Øgendahl, who is co-owner and center manager at Beach Bowl, say that the center's segway trips to the sea are something that attracts tourists. You get a very special nature experience regardless of the weather. Bjarne senses that tourists who have taken part in a trip in windy and cold autumn weather are often particularly excited because they have experienced the weather rage and the North Sea rumble up close. Beach Bowl has suits for loan, so everyone, regardless of age and size - and weather and wind - can come for a trip. However, it is a good idea to wear sunglasses - both when the sun is shining, but also when it is windy, as the scorching sand is not nice to get in the eyes.

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