"Ceramics is like dreaming with your hands".

Working with clay is one of the oldest crafts available. A craft that Diana Hald, owner of Willer Keramik in Torsted, has worked with for more than 20 years. Diana cherishes the craftsmanship traditions and techniques and her professional pride shines through as she shows around her tasteful shop and tells about her items. 

All the ceramics has been through Diana's hands. All items are hand-turned and decorated by hand - therefore every single thing is unique. From the clay starting as a lump in Diana's hands until it is ready on the shelves, it must go through several processes. The more additives, for example handle or spout, the more processes - therefore patience and thoroughness are two important qualities to contest in the work with clay.

For the everyday kitchen

Diana makes high-burnt ceramics that can withstand being used again and again in the busy everyday kitchen. She makes everything in tableware: cups, plates, bowls and dishes. At the same time that Diana cherishes the old craft traditions, she also follows the time and develops her stoneware so that it matches the food culture.

Color in everyday life

Every year new colors appear on the stoneware. Dark and light colors that can all be put together a new or combined with the older designs. It helps to give soul and charm to a dinner table, says Diana, while she shows examples of how well the different items complement each other.

You can also find cups with noses and eyes with long lashes - they may bring a little smile into everyday life and give a feeling of closeness.

The working workshop and shop

In the extension of the shop is the workshop and if you visit Willer Keramik you can get a look into the creative process. This is where Diana loves to immerse herself in the production, which never pauses. Here the turntable is running, the oven is running and on the shelves are items waiting for the next step in the process before they are ready to get on the shelves in the store.

Diana's husband, Peder, also contributes to the large selection in the store. He works with wood and makes beautiful cutting and tapas boards in elm wood that look good with Diana's ceramics. In addition, you will find a wide selection of handicrafts, glasses, garden figures, cards, delicacies, such as local honey and chocolate and more in the shop and Diana is happy to help put together a hostess gift or which ever gift you need. 

A cozy atmosphere, an insight into an old craft and beautiful goods can be found at Willer Keramik in Torsted.

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