Right where Nissum Fjord and the North Sea meet lies the fishing town of Thorsminde. Here it is always nice to stop by to see when the fishing cutters come in with fish.

However, the city offers many other fun activities. You can try fishing from the piers. Spring and autumn the herrings come in and you have to be more than unlucky not to get one on the hook. There may also be good opportunities to fish for mackerel or garfish from the piers. If you want to read more about angling you can read about it here.

You can also visit Thorsminde for the Great Herring Day, where competitions in herring fishing are held. In the auction hall, auctions are also held during the summer months where you can buy freshly caught fish to take home. But you have to be vigilant, because it's going fast! You can keep an eye on activities in Thorsminde on their website.

If you want ready-to-eat fish, then we can recommend a visit to Nørgaards Fish and smokehouse.

You can also visit the Strandingsmuseet St. George on your trip to Thorsminde. The museum tells the story of one of the largest shipwrecks in world history, when the two English liners HMS St. George and HMS Defense stranded off the coast in 1811 and nearly 1400 perished. At the museum you can see a large number of objects that have been salvaged from the two wrecks that still lie on the bottom of the North Sea.

Of course, you can also just enjoy a walk on the piers, enjoy an ice cream or visit Thorsminde Strand, which has both lifeguard tower and lifeguards during the summer months.

Thorsminde is also part of Geopark Vestjylland, which you can read more about here.

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