Nørre Vosborg

When you arrive in Nørre Vosborg, the first thing you see is the beautiful gate tower from 1790, which has now become Nørre Vosborg's landmark. On the other side of the gate tower, Nørre Vosborg spreads out. On your left you see the old southern barn facility, which is now furnished with a multi-purpose room with room for 400 people, conference rooms and a kitchen. On your right side is the northern barn facility, which was previously a stud stable and horse stable. Now it's hotel reception, party rooms, and hotel rooms.

At the end of a cobbled road and surrounded by Denmark's longest moat, is the castle itself. Since the 1570s, Nørre Vosborg has been where it is today. If you dive into history, you can read that the first time Nørre Vosborg is mentioned is in 1299. Its original location was at the mouth of the "Storeåen" in Nissum Fjord, but the buildings were destroyed by a storm surge. What is so special about the main courtyard itself is that the buildings date from the four centuries from the 16th century to the 19th century, each with their own different style.

Experience Nørre Vosborg

Nørre Vosborg was restored in the period 2004 - 2008 and was has become a place with cultural impact for West Jutland. In addition to a wealth of cultural public events and private conferences and parties, Nørre Vosborg is worth a visit in itself. Explore the historic living rooms and feel the buzz of history as you drink your coffee surrounded by interiors from a bygone era. Helle Sigh, CEO of the Foundation Nørre Vosborg, says that what is so special about Nørre Vosborg is that you can get really close to furniture, utensils, etc. A tour can clearly be recommended if you want to hear details from the wonderful story. A large group of volunteers helps to make a visit to Nørre Vosborg welcoming. Among other things, the flower girls decorating with fresh flowers in every room.

H.C. Andersen's stay at Nørre Vosborg

In July 1859, H.C. Andersen stayed at the manor. He wrote poems and made paper cuts during his stay. His fairy tale "A Story of the Dunes" is inspired by his visit to Nørre Vosborg. To this day, you can see the tent he had with him on his trip to the North Sea, exhibited in the room at Nørre Vosborg, where he spent the night. Copies of the paper cuts he made and his coffee set can also be seen..

The children's Nørre Vosborg

The manor contains all the ingredients for the imagination. Maybe the dungeon will tell good stories? During all holidays, there are special activities for the children at Nørre Vosborg. For example, there are Easter cuts during the Easter holidays and during the summer holidays there is a treasure hunt.

Nature experiences

There is a very special peace and quiet in Nørre Vosborg. It is quiet here and it comes from the fact that the manor house is surrounded by an atmospheric wooded park with tall trees - a fairytale forest. There are hiking trails on Nørre Vosborg's lands. Choose between 1.6 km, 2.9 km or 4.9 km. The longest route takes you past where the mansion lay before the storm surge.

As a neighbor, Nørre Vosborg has large protected areas with rich bird life. Nørre Vosborg is part of Naturpark Nissum Fjord and Geopark Vestjylland, which provides inspiration for exciting experiences in West Jutland.

Put a mark in your calendar

All year round there are concerts, lectures and exhibitions for all tastes. On the website you can get a cultural overview and put a cross in the calendar.

A visit to the beautiful manor house can, in addition to a cultural experience, also be a gastronomic experience if you supplement your visit with a brunch, café visit or dinner. The food is based on local ingredients and specialties - often organic - and gives the taste buds an exquisite experience.

Nørre Vosborg is culture, gastronomy, hotel and exciting experiences. All in a historical setting.

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