“They move dunes, push masses of water and eat houses. The forces of nature are so fascinating that they can pull you outside - even when the westerly wind shakes and the rain filters down ", it says on Naturkraft's website.

A little outside of Ringkøbing, it has been possible through 2019 to follow how Naturkraft has quietly grown. For many months it has been a great workplace for craftsmen, architects, researchers and so on. Everyone has worked with one goal in mind: The opening of Naturkraft in June 2020. Naturkraft will be a fascinating experience arena, where you as a guest become wiser about the forces of nature and how important nature's forces are for this particular part of Denmark.

Naturkraft wants to be more than just entertainment. Through play, physical activities and sensory experiences, both children and adults will leave with greater knowledge and understanding of nature and its forces. One of the ideas behind Naturkraft is to raise people's interest in nature and inspire them to have real nature experiences in the future.

Naturkraft consists of a large building of 5,500 m2 and a huge outdoor area. Both outside and inside there are activities, interactive exhibitions and the opportunity for immersion. Naturkraft says that there is no bad weather, only fascinating weather. Each weather type gives its own experience at Naturkraft. In high sunshine, from the highest points at Naturkraft you can look out over the landscape that the forces of nature have helped to create, for example the crooked trees that are so characteristic of West Jutland. In stormy winds, you feel on your own body how the forces can take hold and gain an understanding of why along the west coast you cherish and protect the protective dunes that would otherwise blow away in a storm.


Everything behind Naturkraft is well thought out down to the smallest detail. In the process leading up to the opening, many ideas have been tested, changed and decided. The goal has always been for Naturkraft to make visitors wiser about the forces of nature and the way we use them. Naturkraft wants to motivate for sustainability and goes in depth with the debate about climate, human interaction with nature, how humans use the earth's resources and thereby hopes to be able to set thoughts in motion in the guests. For example, what you as an individual can do in relation to sustainability.

Also in Naturkraft's café and shop, everything will be measured and weighed in relation to sustainability and therefore, among other things, have a special focus on minimizing food waste with save-the-food dishes.

One will not find raised fingers, but instead factual knowledge and inspiration.

Naturkraft - the only one of its kind

Naturkraftr can boast of being the only experience center of its kind in the world. Nowhere else can you find so much information about the forces of nature in combination with experiences and play as here. Everything from photosynthesis on land to the violent waves of the North Sea are illuminated with communication and play.

Naturkraft is also an architectural experience. The large main building has a facade construction of transparent foil, which will give the feeling of being closer to nature when you stand inside the buildings. It is a sensuous experience to move up to the 1st floor, as this takes place through a large wave, of course inspired by the mighty waves of the North Sea.

Across the building you can take a walk on the 628 meter long walk, which is connected to the ramparts that surround the park and into which the main building is built. In the arena you can find 8 different types of nature, among others, the sand dunes, the heather and the pine forest. There is also a large selection of activities that will highlight the forces of nature, such as the cable car, the slides and the zorbing balls. Inside the main building, part of the experience is that you move into three spheres, the three cubes that contain different views of the forces of nature. In the largest sphere you get an insight into the cycle of nature thorugh the Tree of Life. The cycle of the tree will be shown via digital solutions.

It will be wild, fun and educational

All year round, Naturkraft will be open to the public, who through play and experiences want to become wiser about the forces of nature, experience them on their own and go from there with more knowledge and inspiration in their backpack. The people behind Naturkraft promise that it will be wild, fun and educational.

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