Aarhus has them, Copenhagen has them. The cafés where you can enjoy something delicious for the palate. Ulfborg Kirkeby, a small village with approx. 130 residents, located between Ulfborg and Vemb, also has it now. Here, right next to the main road, you will find the coffee roastery Hedekaffe and the associated Café Heden.

The family business Hedekaffe's history started back in 2013, when the first steps were taken to what the company is today. Leo and Tove Andersen, ran "Tove's Cleaning" in Ulfborg and sold coffee through that company. Leo was contacted by Torsten, a German with his own coffee roastery, living in France, who really wanted Leo and Tove to sell his coffee. Despite language challenges and with good help from the son-in-law, Bjørn, the outcome of Torsten and Leo's meeting was that together they would to develop their own coffee - a very special coffee that only "Tove's Cleaning" should sell.

In the following time, there was a direct hotline between Ulfborg and France - and at last, three flavors were ready. These three types were the start of Hedekaffe - because now the family had blood on their teeth. They wanted to roast coffee themselves and the dream of an associated café sprouted as well. After a long period of hard work, many decisions, family life and full-time jobs, Hedekaffe and Café Heden were ready to open in 2016.

Hedekaffe and Café Heden are located in the old dairy buildings in Ulfborg Kirkeby. When you stand in the courtyard between the two buildings, there are two different smells that pulls you in. On one side you have the entrance to the Café, where the smell of home-baked bread flows out and welcomes you. On the other side, behind the high gate, is the Coffee Roastery, where the smell of coffee makes the coffee thirst register. Here you are - surrounded by scents that make your mouth water - and you have to choose which side you visit first (because you have to visit both places!!)

From bean to cup

We go into the roastery first! On the back wall hangs the charming cloth bags that the coffee beans come in. In the middle of the large room is the machine that roasts Hedekaffe's coffee beans. Behind them is Bjørn, the man in charge of roasting the coffee beans. Good ideas, stubbornness, countless attempts, sometimes a lack of hours a day and a full 2 ​​hours of training in the art of coffee roasting from Torsten - has given Bjørn the title of roasting master and the job he now enjoys today. He took pride in getting a handle on the cornerstones of coffee roasting and getting a handle on the warehouse and has since been able to devote himself to the development of good quality coffee. The coffee roastery is an open coffee roastery - this means that if you come by at the time of day when Bjørn roasts coffee, you can look over his shoulder. Bjørn enjoys the contact with the customers - and is happy to tell you about what you see in the roastery. The roastery is also a small farm shop. Hedekaffe's many varieties of coffee are sold, of course - but in addition there are also a number of specialties that can be tempting.

Quality before all 

As written, do not forget to also visit Café Heden. From the café there is an idyllic view of the park-like surroundings with a lake, surrounded by tall trees. Behind the café's counter is Julie. She is the daughter of Leo and Tove and married to Bjørn. Julie bakes all the bread and cakes herself, and the day I visit the place, she has just started making the house's famous cream buns. The good ingredients are paramount in the café. For example, Julie's "Stjerneskud", an open sandwich with fish filet and shrimps, has become known for the good pan-fried fillets from Thorsminde and this weekend's cake table will make your mouth run in water, with a large selection of delicious cakes in all shapes and sizes. There is bustle in the cafe and the many events that are held are well attended and quite often quickly sold out.

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