Try Denmark's largest and only rip current simulator, make giant waves in several different wave machines, build dams and let the storm begin, feel quicksand under your feet, learn about tides, bathing safety and the stones you can find on the beach. All this and much more you can try and experience at Kystcenteret in Thyborøn.

The North Sea has always had a special significance for the people who live and have lived along Jutland's west coast. The sea is a workplace, a magnet, an attraction and an eternally changing natural phenomenon. Maybe that is also why so many tourists allow themselves to be "lured in" by the North Sea, to spend happy and cozy holidays along the west coast of Jutland.

For the people behind Kystcenteret, it is important to pass on information about the sea and the forces at play and this is done throughout the whole exhibition, where they also encourage you to be active. "We learn the best when we ourselves are allowed to try or feel things on our own body" - explains Karen Marie Pedersen, who is center manager at Kystcenteret in Thyborøn.

Kystcenteret offers many experiences for people of all ages. In addition to learning about the forces of the North Sea through play and experiences, Kystcenteret also tells stories that help to add an extra dimension to the whole experience of visiting Kystcenteret.

For example have the strandings been a natural part of life along the North Sea and therefore these stories also belong at Kystcenteret. One stranding in particular has always meant a lot to the people in Thyborøn. One autumn night in 1868, a Russian naval frigate, Alexander Nevsky, sinks. On board are, among others, the son of the Russian emperor. Local fishermen threw themselves into a magnificent rescue auction and rescued hundreds of Russian sailors. The Russian emperor rewarded the local heroes with medals and monetary gifts. One of the local fishermen was named Peiter Hyld. His picture and the story hang in Kystcenteret's exhibition about the stranding. The picture shows the medal he received. A few years ago, Kystcenteret was contacted by Peiter Hyld's great-grandson. The family has lent the medal to the exhibition, so now it is in a small glass showcase next to Peiter Hyld's picture.

At Kystcenteret in Thyborøn, a "North Sea" of possibilities unfolds. In addition to the things written above, you can experience a section with Danish amphibians and reptiles. For the little ones there is a pet zoo with goats and rabbits.

There is a large outdoor area with a 3000 sqm. large "Coastal Playground", a bunker exhibition that tells the true story of the "Turtle Spy" from World War II. You will also find a nice covered area with a barbecue, where you can enjoy and prepare your food, and a nice vantage point, which can probably be described as Thyborøn's best, from where you can see both sea and fjord - and maybe almost all the way to England.

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